In 1999, educational researcher Dr. Sugata Mitra conducted his pioneering “Hole in the Wall” experiments to study how children learn in self-organized settings. In New Delhi and remote areas of India, students who had little to no formal education were given access to a computer and high speed internet while a camera monitored their interactions. The results were incredible and almost impossible to believe. Children with little or no input from an adult instructor led themselves on a process of enthusiastic exploration, discovery, and peer coaching that resulted in the ability to learn almost anything- new languages, the solution to complex questions, science and math, and more.

Fourteen years of research and iteration since then continue to support these startling results. Professor Mitra has honed this work into a concept of Self-Organizing Learning Environments or SOLEs, which draw on children’s natural curiosity to create a dynamic space for students to learn, interact and develop critical problem-solving skills. Professor Mitra’s vision has earned him the first ever one million dollar TED Prize.

STARTSOLE initiative is inspired by Dr. Sugata Mitra’s research and efforts. Our aim is to spread the movement and allow teachers and students to take the advantage of technology to conduct a SOLE anywhere, anytime.


Today’s educators are challenged. To succeed in life, their students require skills that are not always in their set course curriculum – critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communications. Yet few educators have the tools to accomplish this. STARTSOLE was launched in 2015 to help transform education through SOLE (Self-Organized Learning Environments). A Self-Organised Learning Environment, or SOLE, combines technology with student-led inquiry. It can exist anywhere in the world where there is a computer, Internet connection, and students who are keen to learn. SOLE focuses on the process of learning itself instead of simply focusing on the results. It helps prepare students for success in today’s era of technology and information. SOLE provides an early intervention in education that can level the academic playing field and increase equity among all students. STARTSOLE platform is easy to use, requires less than 30 minutes to understand and implement. Our platform is based on credible research and is aligned on standards. It is absolutely free to sign up and use because of our great funders.



Students develop critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication skills


Students build motivation and independence, as they want to answer the “Big Question”


Teachers shift their role from knowledge provider to facilitator of student-led learning


Dr. Jeffrey McClellan heads STARTSOLE. Prior to leading SOLE, Jeff founded SOLE CLE and MC2 STEM High School. He served as Head of School for 7 years at MC2 STEM High School. The school received recognition during the POTUS State of the Union, was featured in the book Deeper Learning, was referenced in Marco Rubio’s book American Dreams and has been documented in many places, including Edutopia’s Schools That Work Series. Jeff has also worked internationally to build innovative educational programing and has published on topics such as Grounded Research and the non-cognitive factors associated with sustained student achievement. Jeff has also delivered a TEDX CLE Talk on “The Student Success Triangle.”